Let’s start with the new camera bodies 😀 , which were already being hyped on all of the rumor

sites in the past few weeks.  The first camera is the D3000, which will herald the end of the

beloved D40/D40x camera line.  The D3000 is a mix of the D60 and D5000 camera

technologies and will be the flagship for the entry-level DSLR cameras for Nikon.  The D3000

has the same sensor resolution as the D60 at 10.1MP but incorporates the 11 focus-point AF

system found in the D5000.  It has a large 3″ rear LCD but at 230,000 pixels, it doesn’t have

near the definition found on the higher level cameras like the D90 and D300.  Also, it does not

have any movie mode or LiveView function just like the D60 but it does have the improved 3-D

Tracking Auto-Focus feature.  It also has a unique mode called Guide, which is made to help the

first-time DSLR owner with simplified camera settings .






The estimated street price for the D3000 is set to around $600 US.  You can read more about it in the Nikon Press Release.





~ بواسطة F I R O Z O O M في 5 أغسطس 2009.

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