I know when a loved






The person who loves you, loves you, only because it loves you, and not

something else.

This is the truth that does not need any explanation.!

In any case, there are no explanations that would love to make

a reasonable cause !

When the motive for the love compelling reason or need, this love is not based on solid

foundation, and can suddenly fades !!

Who are being courted you may feel safe, but strong in the beginning, the flame of love, but

this will fade sooner or later and will reject this love :/

Those who provide you a sense of safety will be up to you to take control, and then will hate

yourself when you discover how weak and cheap in their eyes !!

Those who deal with you and have a firm belief that you can not distinguish between love and hypocrisy.

By doing so, they underestimate you, but you will be ratified

when the enormous sense of insecurity too.

The greatest love there with the same reasons, or conditions, or excuses 😀

When a person loves you to find yourself, your performance or the way of

things, or your sense of humor, or your, or you find that thing which was

harbored by value Be honest with this person.

This reflects the best person you   !!

. . .

I am not trying to be accepted by others


I’m not looking for love =D

All I want is to be subjective and I am grateful to God

The gift given to me by ” self




The dawn of energy inherent in the difficult times

Reflections in the book

David Viscott


~ بواسطة F I R O Z O O M في 4 أغسطس 2009.

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